Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bundles of Joy

Enough of all those emo post.

So babe's back from singapore. Misses her like crazy.

As usual we went for a girly outing ~movie, shopping etc few days back.

Watched Avatar 3D finally...sorry to say it's not my kinda movie and the movie's really long...sat in the cinema until butt pain ;P

The very pro driver who always sms while driving

Kasi camwhore kao kao in the cinema toilet

Super hottie

We both got new specs! Teehee...

Camwhore while waiting for the babe in Topshop fitting room

In Pavi..were kinda tired after whole day of walking

I Heart Chu!

Saw this really cute necklace in Swarovski shop

In her new skinny jeans


Chill out at 69 Bistro in Bkt Bintang area at night

Our nerdy specs.
Going Taiwanese style....majority of the Taiwanese guys wear these nerdy spec :P

She's mah boss! hehe

No more alcohol after the puking incident on the plane.
Here's my Strawberry Milkshake which tasted really good!

Photoshop is da bomb!

Sad sad sad...i'm now so lonely cuz the babe is back to s'pore again.

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