Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas @ Halloween Style 09

I'm rotting at home at the moment not motivated to do anything.
And i don't even feel like blogging :(

Anyway so here's loads of pics of Christmas eve at Taiwan.

We spent the xmas eve night at ulu place called Sitou Nature Education Area (溪头中心)'s a place where people go trekking and stuff.

Had a Christmas party for that night. Too bad we weren't allowed to sleep late and the party ended at 10pm which was just disappointing since we were all really looking forward to count down for Xmas day.

The party would have been awesome with more music and probably some extra alcohol booze...Muahaha...

Our group decided on the Halloween theme for that night.

I've never been to a Halloween party and this was my first time.

Was just too lazy, uncreative and so I was this Devil Rocker for the night.

Anyhow it's definitely the most memorable Xmas eve night for me celebrating with the other 300 people squeezing in the tiny hall.

It's just awesome.

I was probably the most simple dressed, make up compared to the others in my group

Rocker signature hand pose :P

Everyone rushed to finish our own make up in 1 hour

Xi Yoong the dracula..
he looked freaking scary and so different after the make up

Cutie pie Jin Xian

Dong Jie with his fierce look. No idea what he was though


bestie Kaining ~ lookin real scary like a ghost

Our tour guide Lil' Chicken

Here's L ~ Xiao Niu Nai the best impersonator of the night with the lollipop and the squatting pose ;)

Hui Chien the fairy queen and Suat Xiang the catwomen

With Chen Hong aka spongebob

Lao Dou and his make up!

With Rou Qing

Moi and Joseph..muahaha we both got horns on our head

Lee Yu as the joker

JiaZheng and his 80s afro hair

With Min You who's super talented in drawing

With Zhi Ru...haha u can see a pair of eyes when she close her eyes.

Moi and the ghost

Wan Hooi the super creative make up artist for all the guys!


With the petite Sihat.

Ying Xuan

With our group leader ChooiPing


Loving Feng Ying's make up...i dont think i can ever create her look

Xi Yong, Lee Yu, moi and RouQing

Everyone busy camwhoring infront of the big ass mirror

The guys

Dracula, L & Mr.Joker

A bunch of scary people

The group leaders on stage

Our group on stage

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