Sunday, January 03, 2010

Money Gone

Here's the stuff I got from Taiwan.

Gosh the stuff there's just mad cheap especially in Shih Lin night market.

Seriously can't get enough of shopping in Taiwan.

I wished that I'd brought less clothing there so that I could buy more stuff back.

We were taking Air Asia back and my hand luggage was overweight but they never check the weight...damn it should just stuff more things inside!

2 caps, 1 red jacket and grey sweater same price~ NT$150, books from Eslite, 2 jeggings for NT$500, stuff from Watson~kose facial wash, kanebo moisturiser etc, 4 boxes of my beauty diary masks~ NT$340 for 2 boxes, some other brand of masks, stuff from Daiso, skin care stuff from Nature Republic, hello kitty diary, souvenirs and 3 pairs of flats~ red and grey ones for NT$380, white for NT$95....

Daiso in Taiwan is cheaper(NT$39) than M'sia and I wish I could buy more skin care stuff fromwatson. It's just cheap cheap cheap.

Total damage~ 6 boxes of masks

Stuff from Nature Republic (unavailable in Msia) which is under the same company as The Face Shop. Nail polish at NT$40+ per bottle, sleeping masks at around NT$360, Black Head Brake *can't remember the price, free mask and Rain's poster.

The sales guy was really good at convincing us to buy his stuff!

A cap with signature from my lovely group mates! Lurve ya'll!

And there goes my money~~~

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