Monday, January 04, 2010

1.46 am

Wondering what's everyone doing now?

Sleeping? fb-ing? blogging?

It is always during midnight that I tend to be more awake compared to day time.

It is the time when I shut myself inside my own world.

Leaving spaces of imagination, dream and fantasies inside this tiny world of mine.

Getting emo getting nostalgic feeling lonely feeling sad feeling happy......mixture of feelings running through the mind.

Lost. I do not have a goal now. Work? Study? Such a shame to say that I do not even have the urge to practice or touch the piano now.

I want a simple life. A simple yet indifferent life.

I'm a loner but I believe that there's someone outside feeling the same as me.

Music's the only thing accompanying me through the night.

Slowly and softly it dies out in me.

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