Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Survived H1N1 in Jeju, Korea (P3)

The pictures have been in the lappie forever and I've find the motivation to blog bout it.
Here's Part 1 and Part 2.
Was supposed to do my programme notes but blogging is more fun isn't it?! :P

Day 4

View from the room remained the same throughout our 9 days stay at Jeju Keju.
Halla-san the highest mountain in South Korea.

Had to clean our room by ourselves because we're being quarantined and people can't come in to clean our room :(

Lunch at 12pm everyday.

It's a sad case that i don't take veges. Dislike the jap style packet curry cause it tasted very curry powder-ish. Korean food are really healthy but not my cuppa tea so i ate really little during the stay there.

Another sad case. We can't go out and therefore had to write down the junks that we want and the resort people will get it for us :(

1-100 Bingo! This was one of the entertainment.

Dinner at 6pm which was way too early for me and I always get hungry later on cause I'm used to having dinner at home at 7-8+pm.

Beautiful Sunset.

Korean authorities gave all of us Tamiflu for free no matter we were infected or not just so that the virus won't spread around and we won't get to go back Msia.

We finished these medicines by the 5th day. Had it twice a day.
Suprisingly in most of the countries now it is hard to get this cause it's expensive.
Probably cost around 80-100 ringgit. They must have spent so much on us :P

Xin Chze on Psp playing the pata-pata pon game if i'm not mistaken.

Kae Yun hanging out in our room.

Day 5

We were given new masks.

The lazy bum steph who did not wake up for the freakin early breakfast at 7am.

At some moment you just felt terrible cause we can't go around to see the beautiful country and had to be stucked inside here instead.

Steph hair braided by moi. Her hair is soooo long.

Ann napping.

Dinner. This was consider one of the best meal in the resort cause they had sweet and sour pork and fried potatoes!
These beans are a bit too hard man.

Hahaha they decided to put up these names on the food.

Chilling after dinner

Ann, Wendee, Kaeyun and Pikying

Paparazzi shot of Verone and Janice

Step.hen. at the rooftop

Steph the vocal major. She sings at station 1 setapak.

Ahh...misses those days

And we had mafia during the night.
Yi Fen another vocal major as the host.

Killer is out to kill while everyone's asleep

Our messy luggage.

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