Saturday, September 05, 2009

Hauls From Korea

Only managed to shop at the duty free shops at Incheon Airport,

Korea since we were being quarantined from the all the while in Korea :(

Sacrificed our lunch to hunt for stuff *we must at least buy something from Korea!

Stuff from Etude House...regretted from buying too little :(

4 nail polish, a lipgloss and BB cream...the pen came as a gift

Tried the bb cream and it was awesome..cover pores and make my skin looks more radiant! Been using it a lot these days.

Korean brand ~ Hera perfume. It's a famous brand in Korea but not available in M'sia.
Love the smell but it don't last long enough. The price is cheap though ~ around Rm80

Davidoff Cool Water for bro

Korean snacks.
Their food and junk are really nice and healthy. The price are reasonable as well.

Tea for daddy :)

Korean chocolates

* Can't wait for the next time to visit Korea and shop kau kau there. Loving this foreign country more and more. Too bad it's very very hard to communicate with the local koreans as they don't really speak english.

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