Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Raya Bbq

Had a bbq partay at Jun's place during raya.
It's my first bbq party of the year.
Since it's holidays most of us were back and it was a nice gathering of the high school friends or should I say the gathering of single club members :P
First time trying out barbeque-ing marshmallows and it's awesome!!
Can't wait for the next party.
Now that the holiday is over and they are all back to uni.
It's back to my boring life - eat, practice, internet, tv, sleep routine :(
Aikksss been missing out so much thesedays eversince i moved back home.
Hardly get to meet my uni gang and everyone seems to be busy with work.
Friends' been calling me to club and had to miss out all these!!
; /

Pk and josh

Pohyee and Kerxin ~the quiet ones

Conting, SiuJun, Shirley were the popular ones during highschool

very de deliscious!

My love and I

Wonder why the fire turned out to be purple colour in these pics.

The guys

Brother Hong enjoyin his food

Awww....they look great together!!!

Gossip while eating is good for digestion!!

The smartest boy and the ladies

Hey everybardy >_<

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