Sunday, March 22, 2009

Yamaha Concert

Pictures of last week's concert.
The program went on a bit kelam-kabut but i still gotta salute my boss for having this concert and giving a chance for the kids to perform on stage.

I used to perform on this very same stage during primary and high school time.
I was in the choir group and every Cny we'll get to perform and the last perf i guess was the singing competition which we won.

Kids these days are damn lucky, parents are rich and they get to learn all kinda instruments. Here's one of my student (who's learning piano, organ, electric guitar) on organ with the singer.

Student No.2

This kid sang Jay Chou's song and i think he's damn good for his age.

When a guy knows how to play an instrument and also a perfect scholar in school (12 As malay boi) which make those girls go gaga over him.

This guy on his guitar. He's freakin hawt!!!!!

My boss's band. Can't wait for them to get a drumset in our music school!

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