Monday, March 09, 2009

Mos & Barcelona Pic

So yea here's the pictures of last thurdays night at Barcelona and Mos Euphoria.
Gonna say thanks to Jiun's friend for bringin us there :) Drank the least that night cuz alcohol ain't my cuppa tea. I swear i'm gonna drink more next time!!


Our free chivas. If tasted like cough syrup after we mixed with ribena :(

Siaw Jiun

Joe, Jiun and Karen(new friend)

Tiff with her drink

Me and Joe babey :P

We went on to join my friend at Mos later on.

Billy the shy boi and Joe

Put your hands up!!

Random snap shot. This indian girl is damn hawt!

Tiff and Joe dancing

Siaw Jiun who drank the most that night and Tiff who enjoyed the most that night i guess :)

Ehem...Tiff's partner Terence.

Here's us plus terence and mah best bud of 16 years!

Darlin tiff tiff and me

He's finally taller than me :)

The gurls in da house

Guys in da house


With JP, Imran and Amos

Ps: click on the pic for full size

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