Sunday, March 22, 2009

Counting the calories

I've gained so much weight this few months and especially on my tummy part!!!!
Blame it on the stress of the final year subjects.
I'm thinking now whether if taking MBA after i finish my degree is a correct choice or not. Thoughts on assignments and research papers really drive me crazy.

Anyhow, off topic now. I saw this gorgeous pair of heels in one of the shops in Gardens, MV.
Totally in love with it!!!!!!
Hmm......i think i need this pair of heels for mah graduation recital, don'tchu think so?
My legs will be sparkling shiny and everyone will be looking at my feet, the juriers are so amazed by my super shiny heels and they decided to give me an A.
Hahahaaa....such wondeful dream :)

I Heart This!

Ps: Am super broke this month :( 3 bdays, concerto book, outings, awesome food....and there goes my $$.

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