Thursday, March 12, 2009

12 March 09

Ahh.....has been rather busy this week.
With my presentation and my concerto happening on the same day next week and assignments going on, i felt as though i was gonna break down soon.

Anyhow thankgod our lectures schedule are not too heavy. There's basically loads and loads of written papers assignment cause it's the final year of uni.

Someday sometimes while staring at my laptop blankly, having none of the ideas for my thesis my mind flew away to the wonder land of Taiwan. I really can't wait to visit this place. A place where i've learned so much through books and movies but could not touch and see it with myself. It is so far yet so close.

Ps: Gosh some ppl just can't stop bugging me. Can i ask them to just shut up and mind their own business -_-

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