Sunday, March 15, 2009

2 more days

Or should i say 1 and a half day to very scary recital and presentation. I've yet to finish up my thesis, crap i'm so dumb in doing citations!

Had a weird dream on the previous night. I dreamed of this friend who's not so close to me, she kinda pissed me off when we met in the toilet and i actually slapped her. Can't imagine that ever happening in real life situation cause i have no reason to hate her at all. After all, she might not even consider me as a friend :)
I guess i was just too stressed out causing me having such wacko dream.

Gheezz...the Yamaha concert's finally over. Sad thing is there's no holiday next week :(
Pictures up soon.

Had steamboat tonight at Niu Che Sui with the parents and brother. Nothing fancy but I'm really satisfied cause i've been craving it for quite sometime. But i miss Yuen Steamboat more!!

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