Friday, September 05, 2008

Is it fate?

Sometimes i kept wonderin why i can't get results good enough to obtain a jpa scholarship...
Seeing friends around me who got it and now studying overseas make me really jealous of them.
Especially when i was browsing this classmate of mine, wearing trench coat and buts in the winter....sigh i wish i was there
Maybe it's fate or is it that i'm juz too dumb and too lazy..

Yea well......even if i strike the jackpot and got it, they also didn't include music as one of their courses offered hor..

Am very determined to grad here and go US !!!

Ohh yaa ...i've always thought that my major lecturer kinda dislike me.
Suprisingly she gave me prettier marks than what my previous lecturer will give.
Oh well but i still love both of them :)

Pay day tomorrow!! Whee.....every first week of the month i will be a happy kid.

Ps: to some stupid dumbass ppl i hate u so much i feel like choking u!

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