Sunday, September 28, 2008

I had the worst buffet lunch today at Grand Season Hotel.
Food there are really limited and they only serve chinese and malay food.

After the buffet, went over to Bkt Bintang.
Bought a new shorts and a blouse.
Damaged of this month - 3 pairs of shoes!!! ( which is so unlike me cuz i hate trying on shoes ), a short, a blouse.
I'm also shopping for Raya!!
Arghhh......why can't we have holidays like the goverment uni for next mon and tues.
Can't wait to get over these 2 days and off i go to the SUNNY BEACH!!!
Imma wanna go for a tan and swim as much as i can!!!

Haha......and i just got to know that my cme lecturer is also my hometown friend's major teacher in upm. The world is so small.
Okay...these days i've been thinking much. Can i go far seriously?

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