Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 Conclusion

Here goes another year.

2010 went on kinda smoothly for me i guess. Well, i'm still safe and sound =p

Reflection of the year -->

-being couch potato for few months after i grad

-started my first full time job

-learned a bit of the ways of socializing, handling matters, and KIDS especially

-confidence level went up a lil' (can't help sometimes ppl gotta be thick skinned in the reality world)

-started driving again *despite me having license for few years but never drove around till now where i'm forced to

-a year which i suffered lots of minor bruises of my body

-staying outside without my uni-mates (missing them loads)

-started working out *used to hate the outdoor activities but not now anymore ;)

-had some eye-opener of the upper class life *can't disclose much bout this

-earned some money and at the same time realized the importance of money *always think twice before i buy stuff

Time really changes a person i guess and it happened to me. My perspective of life is sort of different from what i used to think of when i was younger.

Didn't get to travel much though for this year =((

Next year imma gonna travel gao gao to compensate back

Last few bits of pictures~

This is the month i shopped till i drop *sam tong

Will be away during NYE. Doing some exploration that i've never did. Have a blast yo people!

Signing off,


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