Tuesday, December 07, 2010

It's Been Awhile

Ever since I started working, I seems to blog less these days.

Missing the freedom. Can't wait to be set free someday.

Finally i got to meet up with my highschool mates. Haven't seen them for like half a year cuz everyone's busy studying and working.

The time really fly by fast. Last year this time, we were at the same place doing bbq celebrating birthdays and it's been a year!!

Had bbq (our favourite get together activity) and celebrated birthdays.

Blackforest cake
Yummeh...i'm gonna go get one for myself soon *evil grin

Birthday boy and gurls - CT, MH and Jun

Making d wish

Haha...poor girl's face kena smashed on the cake.
Look as though there's some tiny worms wiggling on her face!

December babies

* 2 more weeks till holidays....i seriously can't wait for that to come and get myself outta this piece of shit =p

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