Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Wootttsss.......so i guess everyone's busy watching the worldcup eh?

The one thing i like about it is that this is the time where everyone will gather up to watch the match together ;)

Too lazy to update the blog nowadays. I'm probably living in such comfort zone, my brain just couldn't function much at night.

Anyway been following the Hongkie drama again these days. The last time i was really hooked on all these series were during the time when i was in uni.

Here's some backdated pic chas taken during the KMT gathering. Not every single members of our group turned up but nevertheless it was really fun meeting up with those crazy bunch of rockers again.

Youyou, moi and Ah Hen

Ah favourite pic of the day. With my dear sor hen all the way from Taiwan.
We used to joke about this fella when we were in Taiwan despite not really knowing him in person (inside joke)

Headed to 69 bistro later on.

Lee Yu


Thank you this two kind little cute ladies for treating us.

Mr.E with his helmet

Had a date with my dearie.
High tea at Dessert's bar.
Sadly we couldn't finish up this thing.

Mah gurl


I heart chu <>

Counting down 3 more weeks to go : -)

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