Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pearl of Orient

Was is Penang 2 weeks back to visit my grandparents and some relatives.

Traffic in Penang is probably twice worst than kl.

And as usual, ate too much everyday while we were there.

Lunch at Tambun.
It's a riverside restaurant. Food wasn't awesome but i love their soft shell crab though

Kuan Ying Ting

Dim Sum breakfast. Their eggtarts tasted heavenly



This old building used to be a cinema long ago and now it's being abandoned.

And soon all these historical buildings will one day be demolished leaving no trail of it like the fate of pudu jail

Batu Ferringhi

My 90+ years old grandparents.
Sometimes i just feel very bad that i can't be there for them and thinking bout the loneliness they felt just breaks my heart.

Daddy's mah man

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