Thursday, June 03, 2010


The much anticipated kmt gathering's now over.

Sigh....i miss every each of them ;((((

Imagine the feeling of emptiness without them and especially my dearie hl.

Started my gym session this month.

It feels so good honestly but i'm such a sucker.......those aunties/mother have better stamina than me.

Imagine them doing the power's freaking cool. Someday i'd really love to sponsor my mum to join as well ;)

It's addictive.....i'm still thinking whether to go for the 2nd time for today since i'm quite free ;P

However i got my first ever parking summon from the police today :(((((

fml fml fml......lesson learned~don't ever park on the roadside.'s so so difficult to save money in KL. *sobs

I think i really need to do some financial planning or probably buy shares eh :P

It's off for holidays in Penang after tomorrow ;)

Missing my grandparents a lot

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