Monday, June 07, 2010

Whee....It's Holidays ! stupid lappie's grumpy......after a million times of trying then only it will be normal again. It's time to service it i guess......$$$ O_o

Met up with Amanda and uncle this morning.

It's been another half a year since i last met them.

Today was the 3rd time in a role i had dessert from the famous shop...thinking bout high sugar level :P

It was fun catching up with each other

Pic credit~uncle
Camwhore with uncle's imac.

Eeeee......i love this one!

Hahaha.....bloated face and uncle's super freakin happie face
The ~ I want a skinnier face pose ;)

Teehee.....nice day hanging with them. Till then all the best to Amanda who's starting her job next week and uncle who's heading back to the States soon.

Heading off to Penang tomorrow ;)

I'm gonna go hunt for foooodddd!!!!!

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