Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Been really lazy and uninspired to blog these days. I guess i'm just too use to the slow pace and relaxing mood at home.

Photoes of barbeque partay at WaiTeng's place last saturday to celebrate Hoey and Conting's 21st birthday.

We had a blast that night and hang around WT's crib playing mafia and koraoke session over midnight ;)

The food

Sookyee and Josh

The ladies

Choco cake for them

Birthday boy and birthday girl

The December babies

Hauling, Josh and HoeyThe drama queen!! lol..

Everyone busy bbq-ing

At the end of the night, we played mafia!
I always got to be the killer or doctor but i'm a lousy pretender and that's why i got kicked out easily :P

Group pic. I heart them ;)

Ps: gonna start packing for the trip now!

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