Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ho Ho Ho!!

*scheduled post

Merry Christmas Y'all!!!!

So how are you celebrating Xmas this year??

For the first time ever i'm having Christmas out of
the country ;)

When this post this up, I should be in some par
t of Taiwan!!!

So here goes another year. It has been a year with some ups and downs.

I was really really upset when I did badly for my concerto jury.

But it was the piece that I loved most out of all pieces i've learned in uni and I never regretted choosing to play the piece.

My confidence level in performing went down down d
own because of that.

And also because of somebody's dumbness, I got so emo because of it.
I hated the person so much and I think the person do no
t deserve any kind of credit.
Thankfully, my saviour came after sometime and I no longer need to face that dumbass ;)

Then in May, I had a wonderful celebration for my 21st birthday. Few sessions of celebration. Dancing in a club with my loved ones having the whole dance floor by us because it was a freakin Tuesday...haha. Thank you everyone for celebrating for me ;)

In July, I got to go to Jeju, Korea with the Uni choir for the Jeju International Choir Festival there. Sadly, we never got to attend it and perform because few of our members got sick and was later confirmed of H1N1. Lotsa drama happened there. Got to know lotsa juniors there though. I just wish I could see more of Korea. It is a great country, will definitely pay another visit there someday sometime.

Moved out of the condo in August since we only have one class to attend per week for the next sem. It was probably the worst ever condo with lousy management. I once saw a girl (condo resident) trying to fight with the guard because of some stupid law set by the condo management. Somehow, I really misses those days with roomie and Ann. We had pretty much fun staying under one roof. Singing crazy tunes and bullying the small girl.

In September, I finally decided of making my graduation recital on the short semester which was quite a risk to me. During the two months I practiced daily and at least an hour which is a rare case of me. Bang the piano so hard until it got some internal bleeding ;P

I'm thankfully to say that I made the right decision. Was really satisfied with the outcome of the result I got.

My piano lecturer was the one to thank and also my parents who never fail to encourage me and always believed in me.

I am glad that my parents are proud of me which meant so much to me.

So here's pretty much that summarized things in 2009.

Partay hard fellas!!
Zenny (she's one of the Biggest loser Asia contestant), moi, Joe and Joy

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