Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Meeting D Man

And I finally got to meet the men of my life, the idol ;~)

It was last Friday at Cafe Stelle, Pavillion. D men, Eddie Peng and Gaile came to M'sia for the Puma Create Your Style event here.

Xandria Ooi following Gaile's style in the Puma ad ;P

The event started with stomping music and some hip-hop dances.

Emcee of the night ~ Ben and Phat Phabes from Fly FM.

And here you go ~ d Puma ambassador. Gaile (Leon Lai's wife) looking real hot.

They were the judges that night.

Arghh...CuTe gilerr.
I totally loved his acting in the "Wayward Kenting" drama. Do watch it cuz I think it's really one of the best drama unlike the typical cheesy romance Taiwan drama.

So tell me, how can I resist this when Jolin Tsai can't even??!!! :P

Went home that night being contented and happie ; >

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