Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Spent the whole night listening to my favourite classical tune.

Beethoven Symphony No.3 Eroica, Smetana's Die Moldau, Rach piano concerto no.2 and so on...

Songs that we listened over a hundred times when we were in uni especially the days when we have to listen around 30+ songs to prepare for the history listening test. i miss those days.

And the days of staying under one roof with the besties. Ann is in Aussie now and soon me and maybe the roomie might to leaving separate ways too.

Sigh time past, things changed, people grew.

Reality it is....when you were young, you had such a dream of someday what you'd become and 10 years later, reality hits you hard making you fall to the ground waking you up from your sweet little dream.

I miss practising so much. These days i seldom find myself having the urge to touch the piano.

Passion oh passion....where'd you go?

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