Monday, May 23, 2011

Pardon me for the long lost from blogger. I'm back =)

Gonna post more pictures now since i've got myself a new camera.

Just to show you guys how long is my hair now *proud
Haven't been to the hair salon in 1+ year....people who heard about this will usually be kinda shock and ya i trim my own fringe :P
but it's kinda too long now and hard to manage i'm gonna chop it off soon

Last week:

Student R: teacher, why your hair so long wan?
Me : cuz i didn't cut it
Student R: har...can don't cut wan meh?

Spent countless of hours in this corner
Froggie goes sunbathing
The cactus
I'm always fascinated by the sky.

You're beautiful in every single way

Late night gossip with the girls
A cuppa coffee and lots of laughters

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