Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wrong Turning

It was totally random and weird that i actually took a wrong turning outside my taman as i was heading back to kl...*smack head

Last week was just busy busy busy. I was out every night and bro was back at home for a day. Had some good family time. Sigh the next time i meet my bro will most probably in next year ;((

Am hooked on books these days. I have the urge to visit the bookstore and get more books. The satisfaction that one gets from reading is just priceless =)
Saw someone wrote on fb today ~ I don't mind spending on an expensive book because the knowledge that i might get from the book is far more worthy that the price of the book itself

Right now i am craving for some dessert, something cold and icy. Shave ice, ice kacang =0
Imma go get a bucket of ice-cream tomorrow to satisfy my sinful craving but also which means more work out to be done ;S

Night peeps *blow kisses

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