Monday, March 21, 2011

Eat. Sleep. Play

Pictures of Malacca trip with the bestie.

Have been venturing into more places ever since i got my own transport. One can never really survive without a car in Malaysia ;P

Grainy photos from the handphone cuz for the moment i have yet to get a new camera.

SushiKing before leaving KayElle. We went there after I finished work.

Taking a stroll along the riverside. Nice place to chill...they should have more bars here cuz the place is just too awesome.

No doubt one of my favourite restaurant in Malacca. Nice ambience, food and reasonable price

Us messing in the hotel room. We camwhored and chitchat the whole night :)

Next morning.

Finally got to try Nadeje's milk crepe cake.

Love it to bits but according to the bestie it's like eating layers of tissue.

A girl can never resist mirror.

Facebook flip flops for the fb addicts and they have more - google, youtube, twitter etc
Chicken rice for lunch

Kawan aku yang masih kecil lagi

Gai dan zhai ice cream

Riverside - daytime

Camwhore lagi before we leave

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