Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Rich, The Moderate and The Poor

Which one you wanna be and which level are you in now?

Majority of the people around me are having a moderate lifestyle.

But i bet everyone wants a good and luxurious life.

The rich stay at huge ass bungalows with maids and personal chauffeur.

The moderate stay at the typical condominiums or terrace houses.

The poor stay at the wooden houses and low cost houses.

And so today this is what witnessed:

Rich HongKong tai tais enjoying themselves having a diet dinner together, chatting away happily.

The young chauffeur was outside of the house waiting for them to finish their dinner.

The sigh of it suddenly just gave me an impact and kinda made me feel sad.

For once i know that money ain't everything but without money there's most probably less happiness.

Might be having pms today and hence the thoughts.

Okay now i feel like leaving on the jet plane now and probably fly to the moon >_<

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