Monday, February 07, 2011

I Dream

Save up. Quit my job. Pack. Leave.

~Santorini~ Greece
* deep blue sky, pure white houses....saw these breathtaking pictures by a couple and decided someday i must step on this beautiful island and witness sunset with the love of my life

Jeju Island, Korea
~ Hallasan ~
* Been to Jeju do but was stuck in the resort because we got quarantined for suspected case of H1N1. The place where we get to see it everyday in the resort but never get to step foot on and also where Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo went to for their final episode in 'We Got Married'
Gonna hike the mountain, spring time would be great ;)

~Prague Castle~ Czech Republic

The country where Smetana was from and who composed one of my favourite classical piece "Má vlast"(My Country)
* To listen to the piece in the land where if was composed would be dream comes true
Rome, Italy
~ The Colossuem ~
* of Eat. Pray. Love

Rome at night

~Tokyo Tower~ Japan

* Japan is never on top of my to-visit places but fell in love with this after watching a Jap series

~Eiffel Tower~ Paris

* the most romantic place ever

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