Monday, February 14, 2011

Cny Part 2

Happy V-Day people!

May everyone be showered with tones of lurve ;}

Continuation of Bunny year Cny pictures ;)

Me with josh's spec!
Introducing my supermodel bestie KerXin who's almost a head taller than me!

Close friend since primary all the way till high school. First got to know her when i attended voice lesson when i was standard 3.

I'm the noisy one while she's the one who's always listening. Hahaha

With Hoey

Outfit for chu 1 night

the Bukit Tinggi boys

Visiting houses

Kx gotta bend down so that i won't be too short beside her! haha

Conting our leader since forever


Highschool gathering during chu 1. We had this EVERY single year without fail since we graduated which is damn awesome.

Fa. mi. re. do

The highschool gang =)

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