Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Shitty Meal ^_^

So i guess it's a must visit place when every young people visits Taipei, Taiwan.

Since we had 1 day of free and easy, we decided to go Xi Men Ding (
西門町). It's just like Bukit Bintang in M'sia where the young people love to go.

First thing on our mind was definitely to visit this place we've read and heard so much about it online......which is the Modern Toilet Restaurant (便所主题餐厅)

It's located in Ximending. We went there for lunch.

The outlook of the restaurant.

Below is a shop selling clothes ;)

The restaurant's cute icon *_*

Girly decorations at the downstair

The basin.

I like this toilet cover! Sigh..if ever i could buy this and place it in my toilet

The interior design

And here's what we had. Complimentary ice cream that comes with our set meal if i'm not mistaken.

Shitty version of Ice Kacang. Choco flavour and Strawberry flavour.
Definitely look so OMG and nice....but yea it might look nice but not taste nice.
All of us (3 tables) didn't managed to finish this piece of shit ;P

A closer look of it

The nicest shit he'd ever seen.

Our set meal recommended by a friend's friend. Can't remember what it's called.
The soup was really milky. Wayy to cheesie for my liking. The poor fella who recommended this kena bombed by us when he came over later. Didn't managed to finish this as well ;P

Spaghetti which tasted okay.

Me and JinXian aka dan dan ;)

Camwhore time ;)

With the b-boy Zen ;)

from left~ xiyong, kaining, sin hui, dan dan, moi and you you

The guys having constipation

With Xiyong and DongJie

Zen, dan dan, moi, sin hui, hui sin (he's the one who recommended the food) and kaining

DongJie and Sin Hui

Boss Zen

Moi, Dan Dan and Sin Hui

Pic cha with other group members.

Sin Hui, moi, Dan dan, Yong and Niu Nai

Doing their million dollar business ^^

We spent so much time camwhoring there cuz everyone's going gaga over the decoration and design there.

It's a nice place to take shit loads of nice pictures but the food wasn't that great to be honest.
Price wise it's consider cheap ~ everything's NT300 and below.

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