Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Pic-Cha

Am really missing my uni mates now.
Sigh haven't seen them for like 2 months already.
I'm missing uni so much especially the practice room where we spent most of free time there, practising, gossiping and more.
Yvonne, Ann, Tiff, Rae, ALICE and Joe...miss y'all so much.
Can't wait for April when you guys gonna have your graduation recital ;)
All the best my babes!

More photoes of the kmt gathering in Kay Elle grab from fb .

Darling sihat and moi....muahaha she's definitely the camwhore queen. Nobody can beat her cuz she takes pictures everywhere she goes!!
Woman ohh woman ;)

Boss Zen watcha doing?? and Kaining elegant as usual

Huatttt arghhh....imma gonna win loads of money this cny!

Walk walk walk...heading for chill out session.

Pavi's awesome decor ;)
everything's in pink and love ~
The R groupie ~ Yong, Kaining, Sihat, Moi and Zen

My babes

The ladies

21 days of touring together from strangers to bestie!
Luv y'all!!

Happy feet~stinky feet

Sigh a blur one

So wanna go in and play but realised we're too sorta old for that ;P

Genting few weeks back with Minyou and Kaining

Dinner at Sushi King....sigh I still failed to separate d stupid chopsticks well despite after so many practices in Taiwan!
*imagine our horror when we first reach Taiwan, we were given chopsticks for everymeal and worst was having to take porridge almost every morning using chopsticks!

Whee...i'm a tall girl.
This thing can't fit me in ;P

Bestie Kaining...sigh we're separated far away now and i miss her being around me so much.

Pic-cha with Geno

Imitating Geno's expression

Kaining and Minyou

On the carousel ;)

Camwhore again when there's a mirror ^_^
Take 1

Take 2

Take 3
Take 4
vain vain vain...ngek ngek ngek

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