Saturday, February 06, 2010

Gathering ;)

Had a gathering with the gang of friends (Taiwan gang) last weekend.

This was my first time staying at hotel in KL with friends....which i'm like their tour guide since I'd stayed in KL for 4 years and moving back to KL again next month ;(

Stayed at Imperial Hotel at Jalan Alor, great location and quite a nice room but their customer service really suck.

Camwhore in the room ~ Sihat, Zen and moi

Went over to 1 U for Shogun at night

5/10 rating for the food....not much variety and the sashimi weren't really fresh

Something I dare not take but someday imma force myself to try it~
Four of us ~ Zen. Sihat's friend Jackson. Sihat and moi

Babe and I

Met up with the others later on.

Xiyong, Zen, moi, Sihat, friend and Liyu

The 2 gay fellas

Next morning....didn't really slept well the night before cuz we had to cramp in a small bed and someone snore!!! muahahaa...
Paparazzi shot

Babe and I again ;)
Spot their swollen eyes....ngek ngek

Sigh....the 2 poor fellas had to accompany me back to hotel because I forgot to take my hp out.

He said he's like callling someone to ..... with him in this pic. Hahahaa..

Met up with Youyou in Starbucks ;)

Darlin Kainin came and joined us ;)

I heart chu all <3>

Something happened the night but we still insisted on going out and not let the thing spoilt our mood.

With my darling....and xiyong behind -_-
Chill out session at Rainforest Sports Club at Pavi.
Quite a nice place to hang out

Had a bad hung over cuz we only slept at for 2 hours....many things happened that night but sigh it was really funny to think about it

Karaoke session with more people joining in

Group pic ~ Xiyong, Sihat, Kaining, moi, noob, Wan Hui, Yen Mai, Xiao Ma and Zen

Sigh...there's like some green ghost behind me ;P

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