Monday, July 06, 2009

Zouk with D Gurls

Finally went to Zouk last wednesday night and it was mah first time there *blush* !

MumboJumbo night at Velvet Underground and R&B at Phuture.

Almost can't get into Zouk that night cuz m
y body temperature was 37.5 degree celcius (i was really high or excited i guess)...

Thanks man for the ice c

Moi and Joe in the car

And here's the gang who joined us the night - Chiachi, Shyning, Efang and the friend and Joe's lebano
n friends. sweet rite

Wow...super jealous of Cc's cleavage!

Efang's naughty hand be

Us without joe cuz she as usual was
busy socialising...

Girls talk

Girls never fail to camwhore in the toilet >_<

Efang's sexay lip!

Shyning, moi, Cc and Joe

Oppsss....missed out shyning's face :P

How come i was the only one looking at the camera?

Perfecto ~

With efang the lady this!

Some angmoh frm Uk, Joe, Joy who's crazy bout those angmoh and Joy's friends

Last one on the way back home..

Had a serious hangover the next day....and i felt like my whole body like sudah lumpuh!

Ps:omg....there's some kinda ppl i hated so much..are friends meant to be like that?!

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