Friday, July 10, 2009


Had an outing with Su-Ann today.

Went over to Times Square to shop and hunt for cheap clothes there since we both loved shopping and don't mind buying cheapo stuff :P

Hightea at Oldtown since there wasn't much choices in TimesSquare and watched Obsessed after the hightea.

It was quite a nice movie indeed except that the ending was a bit abrupt.

Girls gonna watch this movie and learn how to flirt like an expert! Really loved Beyonce's attitude in that movie!

I really really admire Beyonce.

She's such an awesome singer/actor and she has the great voice, great look, great body!

She's definitely my idol! Infact my some of my highschool friends used to call me her name during highschool life *but i don't look bits like her at all :P

By the end of the day, we went home happily with our new baju, shoes...etc

What i bought today?
3 dresses. Been obsessed with lace these days and i can't help it. Ahh...all these cheap pricing clothes just make me eppy happy!

Too lazy to post up the pics :P

Ps: its master class and group class again tomorrow..crap

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