Thursday, July 09, 2009

Sh*t Loads of Photoes

Pictures taken from last thursday night at Zouk AGAIN :P

Been there again yesterday, i'm sick of Zouk for the time now.

Went along with mostly Joe's friends.

Sadly my friends who promised to join me that night came for awhile and

dumped me and went to Asia Cafe instead for pool :(

I thought i wasn't gonna dance the night since i was really tired and

whole body aching from the previous day clubbing session but i was

wrong, ended up dancing all night long.

Some pics from someone's cam. Sorry man i cropped his face out since i felt sick lookin at him.

Another one cropped. Sorry dude all my friends dislike u! Boo

Gosh...stupid me was dancing like some mad lady while they were takin photos!

Here's a nice one of all of us :)

Were snapping pics and some random fellas just joined in our pics.

Lovely ladies

With Joe's sista Pauline

Aww..this dude is kinda cute. He's eyebrowns look funny! hahaha..

Everyone squeezing in for the group pic

my complexion looks so nice with the flash :P

Those girls are really good in dancing!

Another group pic.

Love this the most :)

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