Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hello, call me Goddes RAIN puhlease

Seriously lack of topics to blog about these days because i'm too busy working things on with my group and i had not taken any photos this month.
Sigh....now is only the midsem, half more sem to work on!
Now that i really misses my hometown friends. I wish they study in the same uni with me and we can hang out as before. It will so much fun ain't it?

My motto now is to save as much money as i can.
I felt So motivated but once i go into shopping malls, i can feel the temptation is so great.
No i have not buy anything this month except paying for mom's shopping ehem *proud*.
Plus this is the month where there's so many friends' bday going on.
It's everyone's BIG 21st except that roomie one...teeheee :)

Hoey, Jun Conting
Jaay-P, me and Kheng
I miss them!

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