Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Cny Day 2 & 3

My memory is bad. I took such a long time recalling where i went on the 2nd day and so on. Gosh...getting older already. Didn't took much pictures on day 2.
Went Shah Alam house hunting on day 3 with the family. Pictures up soon.

Before heading out for another round of bai nian session.

PuiKheng's house.

Hauling behind, Siew Zhi, Ying and Meng Huey

Day 3- Ah Hong's place

Pretty faces

Behind- Shirley, Jun Front - Puikheng, Yvonne and Ct. Yvonne's smile is super sweet. Jealous-nyer

Ah Hong the macho, and Yvonne his bei hou de nu ren. Haha

Gambling session again. Man i'm kinda addicted to it now.

Won some $$ that night :)


Jun's face behind damn hilarous

Ps: Almost pengsan after our peer teaching session today.'s so hard and our research is Never Ending!!

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