Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's a Fish with a Transparent Head!

Today....a day after at least 2-3 years of not driving out, this is the first time after such a long period of time, i have the guts to re-learn my driving skills and drove to the town! Booo....i'm such a loser.

Don't know what happened to me and i just stop driving ever since i starting going to uni. Poor family members and friends had to send me around.

Well i guess i'd better start driving again if not someday sometime i might just be stranded at some place because i do not freakin' drive! :)

And i went shopping alone today. Nothing much to see but i managed to grab some stuff for me and mom in an hour time of walking around. Ouch...the money's gone again :/

By the way, saw this pic at Uk Dailymail. It's totally...speechless. Magnifique, ain't it!
A fish with a transparent head^^^

Pic credit to Uk dailymail.

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