Thursday, December 11, 2008


I've broken my record. I went Genting at 9pm and reached home 12am yesterday to accompany T to fetch her mom and today i went Gtg again with my parents. That's kinda crazy but it's ok since i'm too free now. Hehe
My whole day was occupied with activities today which is great so i won't be sleeping whole day long at home!!
Played badminton in the morning. Then lunch with the violin gang. Aww....i wanna go backpack also after hearing the uncle sharing his backpacking stories with us aounr Europe. How great is that...would someone please sponsor me 10k?

Bentong is such a small tiny lil' town (or kampung) to my kl friends, we couldn't figure out where to go after lunch. So we went makan angin driving around the housing area admiring those big ass bungalows. Then we saw this loooonnggg black evil snake crawling outside the bungalow.
Eeekk...wonder what will happen if it ever craw into the owner's house.

With its tongue sticking out.

Super long.

Ps: cham la i haven't go back for major lesson. Really lazy to take the stupid bus down :(

Planning for a road trip. Let's hope we can make it !!

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