Monday, October 06, 2008

Damai Laut

My family had our 2nd trip to Damai Laut which is located at Lumut, Perak during the hols but this time round without my 2nd bro. We've been there once 2 years ago and it was quite an awesome getaway from what i remembered. I've always love going on road trip with the family and it makes our relationship one step closer.

We passed by lush green padi fields along the way.
The view from the hotel lobby.

View from our apartment. Didn't managed to book the hotel so we stayed in the apartment this time which is wayyy bigger but quite far from the beach. Mom and dad totally loves it cuz they get to walk walk walk and walk and i showed black face cuz it's so far :P

Practising my kung fu kicks!! Haiyahh

Aww......ang moh kids so cute!!!
Ps: lazy to blog further bout my trip till end see yah!
Plz let me overcome this 4 more weeks.....i'm so stress now "(

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