Thursday, November 15, 2012

Train From Butterworth to Bangkok & Vise Versa

This is my first time taking a long journey train ride. Most of the people would have opt to take the flight but because I only started to plan for my trip few weeks before, Airasia ticket was too over my budget so I decided to take the train instead.

The train ticket cost me RM111.90 from Butterworth, Malaysia to Bangkok, Thailand and 1160 Baht for the other way round. The total distance is 1161km and will take 21 hours to reach.

There's only 2 trains (Expresss Antarabangsa, train 35&36) which run daily from Butterworth to Bangkok. I booked my ticket through the ktmb hotline and was required to collect my ticket 5 days before my departure date from KL Sentral or Butterworth train station.

The train from Butterworth to Bangkok departs at 2.30pm from Butterworth train station and will arrive at 10.30am(Thailand time which is 1 hour ahead of Malaysia's time) at Hua Lamphong train station, Bangkok.

While the train from Bangkok to Butterworth departs at 2.45pm and will arrive at 1.45pm at Butterworth.

The train ride was pretty good especially if you are lucky enough to get the lower berth sleeper and it is a great way of meeting travelers and the locals. There is even a plug for you to charge your electronic gadgets.

*remember to pre-book your ticket few days earlier because the ticket might be sold out if you were to get in on the spot

The purple train

Ticket from Butterworth to Bangkok
Food is available on board at a reasonable price

The seating
Seats were changed into sleeping berth by night time

My lower berth 2nd class sleeper felt like a first class flight

Passing through Hua Hin station

This is how the toilet looks like....ain't that bad ;)

View from the train

Fellow traveler
Arriving at Bangkok Hua Lamphong train station
Train ticket from Bangkok to Butterworth

Got an upper berth this time....wasn't as spacious as the lower berth but still good enough

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