Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Hitch Hiking Twice in Chiang Mai, Thailand

While I was traveling in Chiang Mai I tried hitch hiking twice there.

Reason one why I did it *the first time there because I was not alone.

During the few days there I met a Japanese girl and we travelled together for some time around Chiang Mai and Pai.

Mariko*Jap girl and I went to visit Wat Prathat Doi Suthep, one of the most important temples around Chiang Mai via the Songtaew.

I was thinking of challenging myself and trying to hitch hike back to the city center from Doi Suthep since I've done it in New Zealand before so I suggested my thoughts to Mariko and she said why not =))

 Guess what?!!! The first car that we hitch hiked stop for us! It didn't even took us a minute of waiting!
Its a Thai couple with their 2 cute daughters in the car who stopped and picked us up. They even invited us to have lunch with them where only the locals dine at and treated us the meal. 

We felt so lucky and thankful to the couple, Phim and Boi.

After trying to hitch hike for the first time in Chiang Mai, I decided to try it out again but this time around I was alone and I just arrived at the bus station of Chiang Mai after traveling Chiang Rai. Wanted to head back to the hostel that I stayed there before previously.
People passed by and look at me as though i'm a psycho who tried to hitch hike when there's tones of tuk tuk/cabs around and travelers mostly will just take the cab. It was already evening time and I was kinda worried that nobody understands my hand sign or they don't feel safe to pick up a stranger on the road. 
After half and hour of waiting finally a good Samaritan picked me up.

Thank you Mr. Eak. 

Family and friends got a lil worried when they heard that I actually hitch hiked in Thailand but yea i'm fine!

Just cause I'm crazy like that...livin' la vida loca
One more reason for me to love Thailand moreeeeeee =)))

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