Tuesday, September 25, 2012

One Night In Pai, Thailand Under The Rain

One of the night in Pai.

The travel partner and I decide to hit the bar. Another Korean boy who stays at the same hotel decided to join us.

It was a quiet night it seems as its a weekday. We went to this place called 'Ting Tong Bar' where they sell their signature ting tong shots.

Theres only like 3 of us plus another group of French travelers that night. The owner of the bar was really friendly...chit chat with us and offered us some free snacks.

It started raining after awhile we're there. Heavy rain it seems and never ending. The bar owner asked us to just sleepover at the bar since they have very comfy seatings and even gave us blankets!

Waited till 3am and decided to just walked back to the hotel under the rain because I still prefer sleeping in my own comfy bed :p

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