Monday, September 17, 2012

One Way Ticket

29.7.12 - 28.8.12 -- > 31 days/ 1 month

Countries traveled -- > Thailand  , Cambodia

Cities covered --> Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pai, Chiang Rai, Siem Reap

Total spent --> RM 2300 including transport, accommodation, food and shopping ;P

Mode of transportation --> train, bus, minibus, motorcycle, bicycle, tuk tuk, songtaew, boat

Started my solo backpacking journey with a one way ticket with no set plans in mind. Only did some research online before my trip and booked my hostel in Bangkok. The rest of the trip goes according to my mood and instinct >_<

Butterworth to Bangkok via train (22 hours) 28.7.12 - 29.7.12

5 nights in Bangkok 30.7.12 - 4.8.12

Bangkok to Chiang Mai via bus (12 hours) 4.8.12 - 5.8.12

2 nights in Chiang Mai 5.8.12 - 7.8.12

Chiang Mai to Pai via minibus (4 hours)

5 mights in Pai 7.8.12 - 12.8.12

Pai to Chiang Rai via minibus (6 hours)

2 nights in Chiang Rai 12.8.12 - 14.8.12

Chiang Rai back to Chiang Mai via bus (4 hours)

3 nights in Chiang Mai 14.8.12 - 17.8.12

Chiang Mai to Bangkok to Siem Reap (22 hours) via bus, minibus, tuk tuk 17.8.12 - 18.8.12

4 nights in Siem Reap 18.8.12 - 22.8.12

Siem Reap to Bangkok (12 hours) via bus, minibus

5 nights in Bangkok 22.8.12 - 27.8.12

Bangkok to Malaysia *home (30 hours) via train, bus and car

Hello Malaysia 28.8.12

*PS: Initially I planned to travel Vietnam and Laos as well but I skipped it this time because I decided to come home earlier and join my friends who are coming over to Malaysia and travel around Malaysia with them.

I'm really glad that I made it to this trip. Met so many amazing people throughout this journey and visit places that I've only seen on the tv previously.

~Angkot Wat is no longer a dream^^

Cheers to more traveling ;)))

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