Thursday, July 21, 2011

I've been bumming at home so much these days cuz the students are away for summer holidays.

And I reckon that the best way to save $$ is to not step outta the house so i'm being a good girl. But when i started flipping through Cleo mag with so many shit loads of temptations, the good girl starts to disobey.

The next thing i do is picking up the phone and setting a date to go shopping with the babes.

Sigh....damn fail la how to save more money like this? haha perhaps i'm gonna eat grass in kiwi land =p

Really enjoyed Dreamgirls tonight and around of applause for the local casts. They were great though it could have been better =)

Congrats to roomie for the goodnews. Am happy for you and hope that you'll finally enjoy yourself at that field.

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