Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Woohoo gonna attend Dreamgirls Musical tonight, am mad excited.

Originally a musical and made into a movie with Beyonce as the leading role.

I love love loved the movie version partly because of Beyonce!
*friends used to nickname me beyonce when i'm in highschool (really buay pai seh) haha cuz she was the hit that time along with some other singers like Sean Paul.

Watched it during college years and the song Listen by Beyonce is our favvvvourite song. We always sing the song at home when we used to stay under one roof (Ann, Von)

A lil disappointed though cuz i heard that 'listen' won't be in the song lists in the musical cuz it was written specially for the movie only =(

Another of my fav - One Night Only by Jennifer Hudson

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