Monday, January 19, 2009

My appetite recently has been getting better and better which is not good at all.
I am a person who do not skip the 3 meals and now i'm always hungry after 10pm.
The layer of fats is darn scary on earth am i goin to survive through

Talking about
cny, and i still need to teach :( No hols at all
Kids nowadays are seriously spoilt to the max sometime you feel like giving up on teaching them.

Really can't wait for
cny......gatherings and receiving big fat angpaos!!!
Damn happy cuz this wed the parents' coming down and we're going shopping!!! I need more new clothes :)

I prefer the right side of my face :P

That's all for the day. Aii...really no mood to attend this week's lectures and there's assignment to finish :(

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