Saturday, May 05, 2012

7 months and counting

Hello all,

Been long gone from here.  Time flies and its already my 7th month here in New Zealand and also my 2nd month of traveling alone.

Left my last job at the South Island and traveled up to the North Island last month. I've finally got the guts of travelling alone and also taking a flight on my own for the first time. I also slept at the airport for a night.

For this whole month i've been pretty much spending time just doing nothing much which I'm a bit not used to after all the long hours work I used to do previously. Did 2 days of grape picking at the vineyard. It was one of the best experience I could've asked for. The job is fun and we got to sit on a trailer to move around in the super big vineyard. Have you ever wonder why is the desert wine tasted to good and sweet.....because it is made outta moldy, rotten grapes which worms and insects inside. Heheee

I've finally purchased my air ticket back home. Finally finally.....and now i'm really counting down the days to be home. I really really misses the family, friends and the food.

*I've been sitting at Mcd Taupo for like a good 3 hours now and gotta wait for another hour till my friend comes here to pick me up. Oh god, can we fastforward the time for abit now?



enjoy and have fun, hoping i can go NZ like you some day else too =)

MapleRain said...

thanks babe!!
yes its so beautiful here u gotta come here and see it with your own eyes ;)