Monday, October 10, 2011

1st Week in NZ

Hello all,

It's my 8th day in NZ. Getting used to the life in NZ though the weather is still really cold now.

Been travelling a few places around South Island.

Chrischurch -> Blenheim -> Motueka -> Nelson and then we are heading back to Blenheim to continue to hunt for jobs.

Great eye opener and first time leaving off my comfort zone (home).

Learning to be independent and at the same time experiencing something different.

Meet lots of Malaysians here.

Thankgod that we managed to get a FREE car (subaru legacy) from Chris' friend and now travelling around is much much easier.

Before that we've walked under the rain and cold for few kilometers to ask for jobs in the vineyard.

Oh gosh hopefully by my next update i'd secured a job.




dear. take good care n good luck ! wish u a wonderful journey !

p/s: i wish to go NZ too :p

MapleRain said...

thanks babe!!
come come it's a very very beautiful country =)